Posted on: September 30, 2008 12:07 am

An Interesting Note on Fantasy DST Scoring

I am appealing to all the great fantasy minds that currently inhabit the world of CBSports.  All fantasy leagues of which I am currently a member use defensive units/special teams to tabulate that portion of scoring.  I own the Ravens D (yay me) in one such league.  In the Monday Night game currently being played, Joe Flacco threw an INT that the Steelers returned for a TD.  Whoever owns the Steelers D gains points, obviously, they made the play.  As our scoring currently exists my DST is also penalized for having allowed 7 more points.  Yet if my defensive unit wasn't on the field, why would they then be penalized?  Isn't the defensive unit considered to be an individual player completely seperate from other players on other fantasy teams?  In these leagues individual offensive players are not rewarded for special teams scores.  So if an offensive player can't benefit from a special teams play, why should a defense be penalized for an offensive mistake?    
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